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Your Pet, Our Passion.
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Purina and breeders

At Purina our breeder clubs aim to work with you and our partners to provide all the support you need through the journey of breeding and exhibiting.

Purina Breeder clubs offer a range of benefits including*:
  • Preferential prices and premium home delivery on selected Purina Food
  • FREE recommendation packs for new owners
  • FREE bag of your preferred food for your litter to give to New Owners
  • An incentive for referring New Owners
  • An incentive for referring New Breeders
  • Dedicated breeder team and technical helpline
  • Exclusive content and support via our ECRM programme
What we ask of you*
  • You live in the UK (or the Channel Islands)
  • You have your own registered Kennel Club / GCCF Affix
  • Purchase 1 Large Bag of food to activate your account*
  • Purchase 4 large Bags food per year*
  • You agree to give recommendation packs to all new pet owners and invite them to our referral programme
  • If you breed more than 3 litters a year (5 in Scotland) you must be licensed by your local authority

* Detailed terms and conditions for both breeder programs are available on site.

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Pro Plan

Pro Plan Breeder Connect

The Breeder connect club is to provide the best support possible to you, by working closely together and supporting you along the whole journey of breeding and exhibiting both cats and dogs.

As the kennel club’s official partner in nutrition we take this commitment seriously.

That’s not all we also provide you with ongoing support as well as full access to all our experts including our vets and nutritionists via your online portal, our Breeder Managers and at various events throughout the year.

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Beta Breeder First Steps Club

We’re all about celebrating dogs being themselves and doing what they naturally love. Because when they’re off the leash, they truly come alive. That’s why we’re inspired to develop high quality nutrition that specifically supports their natural requirements. With over 85 years of experience, we know nutrition inside out, and all our Beta food is made with selected natural ingredients such as carrot, spinach, parsley, chicory and wholegrains, and contains no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives – and they never have.

At Purina we know that puppies have very specific needs throughout their young lives. With that in mind, we've created the Beta Breeder First Steps Club to give your dogs the best possible care.

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Nous sommes là pour répondre à toutes vos questions sur les animaux de compagnie, qu’elles soient petites ou grandes, sérieuses ou un peu folles. Vous pouvez nous contacter directement par messages ou nous appeler de 9h à 17h du Lundi au Vendredi.