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Does a cat choose her owner ?

You’ve made your choice, but what about your cat? Your relationship is based on a mutual choice, so how can you make sure she’s happy with the match?

Because cats are kept as pets and it’s up to owners to take care of their nutrition, health, comfort and training, we tend to think that it’s a one-way street when choosing a cat. But despite this, a cat will always keep her free will. For example, a cat will often show preference for one person in particular in the family, or even decide to come and live with you uninvited ! Understanding basic cat psychology and cat behaviour is important in helping your cat settle as happily as possible into her new home. Beyond the basics of food and shelter, a cat is driven by the need for security and comfort. Therefore, she’ll naturally bond closest with those who offer the most emotional balance, well-being and soothing behaviour.

An overly attached cat

Despite their independent nature, cats can closely attach themselves to their owners, sometimes far too much, (often the case with kittens separated from their mothers before three months). It’s hard to resist when your cat seeks your attention, but letting her become too dependent can create serious problems. Over attachment can lead to your cat becoming highly distressed when you leave her. Cat behavioural problems such as urinating, excessive meowing and alopecia (abundant hair loss) can arise.

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